Our Story

One fine day while trying some Wiener Gemischtr Satz in the famous city of Vienna (Well, the doer being a teetotaler was tasting water only). The thinker and the dreamer were discussing the act of applying makeup for their upcoming party that they were to attend back home in Canada.
The Doer as usual not interested in girls complaining of how they wish they could find the best MUA in their respective towns, suggests finding makeup artists online rather than complaining and procrastinating. Not able to find or see the work of makeup artists (unless you visit their Salons and compare). The thinker thinks and thinks hard (the dreamer is already rolling her eyes) and suggests that there should be a platform for the makeup artists. A platform where MUA can showcase their work portfolio and a place for the clients to have direct access to hundreds of the makeup artists and their portfolios. To help prospective clients to book their appointments and chat with the makeup artists directly from their comfort zone.
MascaraGirl came into life with sheer dedication, making dreamer’s dream into achievable goals, by doer’s uncountable hours of hard work, so that an easy and user friendly online directory for Makeup Artists, Hairstylists and Aestheticians can make a life little easy.

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